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About Sunnyside

Mission Statement

The mission of Sunnyside Village is to enrich the lives of residents, staff and the community by providing homes and facilities, services and programs in a Christian environment.

The Sunnyside Story

The need for housing and health care for older persons was a concern of Will Overholt.  As a result, he purchased property on Bahia Vista Street in Sarasota, Florida and built Sunnyside Rest Home.  This 49-bed facility began operating in 1968 under the direction of the Sunnyside Beachy Amish Mennonite Church, the church Mr. Overholt attended.

A voluntary service program of the church was the source of a large part of the staff at Sunnyside Rest Home.  The room rates were the lowest in town.

When Sunnyside Beachy Amish Mennonite Church was faced with the challenges of organizational and operational expansion, a group of local Mennonites assisted in the process.  As a result, there was a change of ownership.

An Acquisition Committee made up of persons from Sarasota area Mennonite churches met on September 23, 1976 to explore the idea of purchasing Sunnyside.

Officials of the home office of the Mennonite church and the area conference, Southeast Mennonite Conference, were supportive.  The Southeast Conference stressed that the operation be self-supporting.  The Mennonite Church officials offered their resources but recommended that the ownership be kept on the local level.

A corporation was formed, and the purchase papers were signed on August 1, 1977.  The purchase was contingent on the ability of the group to obtain funds and a building permit to add 11 beds to the facility.  This was accomplished, and work began on the addition.

Planning for a retirement community continued over the next five years. Several options were evaluated and in the spring of 1983, Sunnyside Village began with six efficiency apartments. Since that time, Sunnyside Village has expanded to include 38 duplexes, 66 villas, 122 garden apartments, and a beautiful Lakeside Community Center.

Awards and Affiliations

Governor’s Gold Seal for excellence in long-term care

Sunnyside Nursing Home has been awarded the state of Florida Governor’s Gold Seal for excellence in long-term care. Of the 689 nursing homes in the state of Florida, only 14 have qualified for this prestigious award. Sunnyside is the only Medicare/Medicaid nursing home in Sarasota County to have achieved this recognition and is proud of its staff for this accomplishment.

Mennonite Health Alliance

Leading Age

About the Area

Sunnyside Village is located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, making Sunnyside Village retirement community truly one of the most desirable retirement communities to live in the nation.

According to Money Magazine, Sarasota ranks among the nation’s 15 “most livable communities,” and it’s apparent why. Year-round good weather allows residents to make the most of powdery white sand beaches and sparkling waters, sophisticated arts, first-rate shopping, fine dining, and golf courses and tennis clubs ranked among the best in the world. Outdoor activities including walking, shelling, and sailing are popular in the area as well.

Sunnyside Village is located in a pleasant neighborhood setting surrounded with the lush natural beauty of Florida and is convenient to all of Sarasota’s appealing amenities. Shopping, restaurants, and world-class medical facilities and services are accessible and easy to find.  Interstate 75 is just minutes away, making it easy to visit family or to travel to nearby attractions.

Sunnyside Village in Sarasota, a gem on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is where the living is easy.