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Sunnyside Village Retirement Community
Q – What kind of housing is available at Sunnyside Village?
A – Sunnyside Village is a campus setting planned for those persons who wish to be “independent” and enjoy life after 55 in their own homes with services available if and when they are needed.  The units available for independent living are duplexes, villas, and garden apartments.

Q – Is Sunnyside Village church affiliated?
A – Sunnyside Village is sponsored by a group of Sarasota area Mennonite churches who have formed a nonprofit corporation.  The churches provide corporate members who elect a board of directors.  The board is responsible for directing the development and operations of the nonprofit retirement community.

Q – Do I have to be a Mennonite to live at Sunnyside Village?
A – No, approximately 7% of our residents are of the Mennonite faith.  Sunnyside is based on Christian principles and offers to residents and staff the opportunity to become friends, to serve each other, and to be served by friends who care.

Q – What are the age and health requirements for admission?
A – At least one person must be 55 years old or over.  Residents must meet our criteria for independent living.

Q – What is the size of Sunnyside Village?
A – Our campus is approximately 33 acres in size.  Homes are situated along winding streets designed to form low-density neighborhoods.

Q – What about food service?
A – Sunnyside has a dining room open for lunch and dinner.  Twenty (20) meals per person are included in the monthly payment.  More meals are available each month upon request.  Also, we will deliver meals to your home for a small additional charge for your convenience.

Q – What about laundry service?
A – The duplexes and garden apartments have their own washers and dryers.  These are provided and serviced by Sunnyside Village.  Two villas share a laundry room, complete with a washer and dryer.

Q – What about activities?
A – Each month, residents receive a calendar of scheduled special events. Announcements of upcoming events are highlighted at the weekly Coffee Hour (Wednesday morning from 8:00 – 9:00 AM).

Q – How many independent units are at Sunnyside Village?
A – There are 38 duplexes.  These are large, two-bedroom and two-bath, and one-bedroom and one-bath duplexes with attached garages.  Some of these homes have screened lanais.  There are 66 villas.  These are one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas complete with screened lanais, some with two baths.  There are 122 garden apartments. These are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with balconies and covered parking.

Q – Are there other levels of care at Sunnyside Village?
A – Sunnyside has a Health & Rehabilitation Center and an Assisted Living Facility (ALF). Sunnyside’s residents have priority entrance (upon availability) to all levels of housing on campus. If a Sunnyside resident moves to assisted living, the independent lease is terminated and a new monthly lease is signed.

Q – What happens to my money when I leave Sunnyside Village?
A – Upon termination of the lease agreement, a resident (or his/her estate) receives 70% of the original lease price or the current lease price of the living unit, whichever is lower. Each year this percentage is reduced at one 1% until it reaches 60%, where it remains thereafter. Payment will be made upon receipt by Sunnyside Village of the funds from another lessee under a new lease agreement.

Q – May I bring a pet along to Sunnyside Village?
A – Cats, birds, and fish — yes.  Dogs — no.  A “pet policy” must be signed at closing.

Q – May I have guests in my home at Sunnyside Village?
A – Residents may have visitors in their homes using their accommodations at no additional charge for two weeks.

Q – Is your Health Center approved by Medicare or Medicaid?
A – Sunnyside’s Health Center is Medicare certified.  Medicare Nursing Homes are for patients needing skilled nursing services and therapy on a daily basis for rehabilitation. Medicare does not cover custodial care.  Medicaid is a State and Federal program for the needy.  Sunnyside does have Medicaid approved beds.  For additional information and required qualifications, call Health and Rehabilitation Services.

Q – What happens if I become ill and require more care?
A – Sunnyside’s residents have priority entrance (upon availability) to move into Sunnyside Manor, our assisted living facility or Sunnyside Health & Rehabilitation Center if they require more care.

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Sunnyside Village Life Lease Agreement

Q – What is the Life Lease?
A – The Life Lease is an agreement between Sunnyside Village and a new resident that allows the resident to live in the home he or she has selected for life; or as long as the resident chooses; or as long as the resident is able to manage the household.  The Life Lease also provides for priority admittance to the Health Center, Assisted Living Facility, or other types of housing at Sunnyside (upon availability).

Q – Do I take ownership of the home I select at Sunnyside Village?
A – No.  Sunnyside Properties of Sarasota, Inc. is the owner.  The corporation is responsible for maintaining and operating the community and for re-leasing a home when it is vacated.  You actually purchase the right to live at Sunnyside Village in your home as agreed upon in the Life Lease Agreement.

Q – Who is Sunnyside Properties of Sarasota, Inc.?
A – Sunnyside Properties of Sarasota, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed by Sarasota-area Mennonite churches when they took ownership of the property from Sunnyside Beachy Amish Mennonite Church.  The churches have provided no financing for the project, nor do they receive any money from it.  They do provide corporate members by election or appointment.  These corporate members select the volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for directing the development and operations of the not-for-profit Sunnyside Village Community.

Q – Does all of my money go to Sunnyside when I leave?
A – No.  During the first year, you (or your estate) would receive 70% of the original lease amount when your home is re-leased.  This percentage reduces 1% each year until the percentage reaches 60%.

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Sunnyside Manor – Assisted Living Facility

Q – What type of living quarters are available?
A – Each resident has a choice of either spacious ground floor studio or a deluxe studio; a two room one person apartment or two room shared apartment.

Q – Is there any storage available?
A – Storage is limited to resident apartments.

Q – Are there any kitchen appliances in the living units?
A – Each unit comes with a small refrigerator for your convenience.  Other appliances are discouraged as a full service kitchen in the Activities Room is provided.  However, small microwaves and coffee makers are allowed.  Other appliances will need approval of administration to determine if they meet with fire codes.

Q – Can residents have televisions?
A – All units are wired for cable TV.  If a resident does not have a cable-ready television set, a box can be obtained from the cable company for a fee.

Q – What safety features are included?
A – Doors and window locks have been installed for protection.  Exterior doors are locked after 8:00 P.M.  The front entrance has a bell for late entry. For security, smoke detectors are connected electrically to the switchboard and the fire station.  No batteries are necessary.

Q – Is there any type of emergency call system?
A – Emergency pull cords are located in each bedroom and in each bathroom.  They are connected to the switchboard for safety 24 hours a day.  When the cord is pulled, a trained staff person will come to the resident’s apartment.  Additionally, a telephone off the hook for an extended period of time (several seconds) signals to the telephone operator that there is an emergency in the resident’s apartment.  Fire drills are mandated by State of Florida regulations.  They will occur monthly.  Internal and external drills occur twice yearly.  Residents are given procedures to follow during each drill.

Q – What type of housekeeping services are provided?
A – Housekeeping will occur weekly for general cleaning and twice a week for bathrooms. Beds will be made daily.  The laundry room is open 24 hours a day for personal laundry. Housekeeping will do sheets and towels at no additional cost.  Laundry service for personal laundry is available for a fee.  Trash is picked up daily in all rooms.

Q – Is smoking allowed inside the facilities?
A – Sunnyside Manor is a smoke-free facility.  There is absolutely no smoking permitted inside our Assisted Living or Nursing Home facilities.  Any resident who breaks this policy will be subject to discharge.  Visitors may smoke in the Manor courtyard.

Q – Do residents have personal mail service?
A – Individual mailboxes are provided for each resident at selected locations.  Packages will be delivered to the resident’s apartment by staff.  For outgoing mail, limited window service, including purchase of postage, is available at the Business Office.

Q – Are there any recreational facilities available?
A – Recreational facilities such as the lakeside walkway, swimming pool, shuffleboard, and horseshoe courts are available for resident use with supervision. The ice cream parlor is open daily, and a variety of treats are available for no charge to residents.

Q – What type of nursing is provided?
A – One of the benefits of living at Sunnyside Manor is the availability of a nurse 24 hours a day.  Our assisted living facility has a Standard License, which allows us to administer medication, take blood pressures, and perform blood monitor checks for diabetics. Assistance with bathing, dressing, ambulating, and some special diets is available. However, more skilled nursing services may be attained through a Home Health Agency. Residents wishing to self-administer medication must be evaluated by the facility’s Nurse Manager who, with the resident’s physician, determines the appropriateness of self-administration of medicines.

Q – Can residents leave the facility for shopping and medical appointments?
A – Transportation to doctors and other medically-related appointments are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at no additional charge.  Any other transportation needs may be scheduled for a fee.  A free weekly shopping trip is available to interested residents.

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Sunnyside Village Health Center (Nursing Facility)

Q – What type of rooms are available?
A – Private or semi-private rooms are available complete with safety designed baths.

Q – What type of care is provided?
A – Sunnyside Village Health Center residents receive a total plan of comprehensive care to meet the specific needs of each individual by a team of senior health care professionals under the supervision of a full-time RN Director of Nursing Services.  Each resident receives 24 hour supervised care backed up by an emergency call system.

Q – What type of recreational and leisure activities can residents participate in?
A – Planned recreational, religious, social, and leisure activities are available to residents of Sunnyside Health Center.

Q – What items can residents bring into the nursing home?
A –  Sufficient amount of clothing and other personal items such as a brush, comb, and toothbrush.  Residents can also bring decorative items such as picture frames and small pieces of furniture that can easily fit into the space allotted to the resident and that does not pose a safety hazard.

Q – Do  residents need to bring their own wheelchair?
A – Sunnyside has wheelchairs available for resident use.  However, a personal wheelchair is often more comfortable.  Residents who have their own wheelchairs are encouraged to bring them.  Sunnyside has a wheelchair maintenance program. Personal wheelchairs may be kept clean, and preventive maintenance may be done without any charge to the resident.

Q – Does Sunnyside Health Center have a smoking policy?
A – No smoking is allowed inside or outside the building for residents.

Q – How many meals are included?
A – Three meals are served in the dining room daily with special nutritional consideration of a licensed dietician.

Q – How are meals selected?
A – A resident’s menu will be selected based on personal food preferences and dislikes. A dietary staff member will interview the resident and/or resident’s family to learn the types of food the resident prefers.

Q – Is there a laundry service provided?
A – The Sunnyside housekeeping department is well equipped to do the residents laundry.  There is no extra charge for personal laundry.   For residents whose family members wish to do laundry, we ask that the resident provides his/her own clothes hamper.

Q – Are there any set limits on how often residents must see their doctor?
A – Visits with the primary care physician must be scheduled every 30 days for the first three months in the nursing home.  After three months, visits are scheduled every 60 days, unless contradicted by a change in the resident’s health.  Our staff will make appointments for the resident.  If the resident chooses to make the appointments, notification of our staff is required so the proper paperwork and transportation can be arranged if necessary.

Q – Can residents have any pets in the nursing home?
A – No.  Sunnyside has a dog, birds, and fish that reside at the facility.  Pet therapy is a favorite activity for residents.  A resident’s family member may bring the family pet in to visit as long as it is on a leash.

Q – Are electric scooters allowed?
A – Yes, but each resident must be assessed by therapy for appropriateness and use it at “turtle” speed at all times.

Q – Will each resident always have the same caregivers?
A – No.  We rotate our staff so that all staff members are familiar with you and can help you at any time.

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